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Unity's 12 Powers

The ability to believe, intuit, & perceive

January - Royal Blue
Center of the Brain

The ability of endure, stay the course, persevere

February - Light Green

Small of the Back

The ability to attract, desite, & unify

April - Pink

The ability to know, perceive, and apprehend


July - Gold
Front of the Brain

Self-mastery & spiritual presence

May - Purple

The ability to choose, lead, & decide


August - Silver
Front of the Brain

The blend of knowledge from the head & heart

March - Yellow

Pit of the Stomach

The ability to conceptualize & envision a different future

June - Light Blue

Between the Eyes

The Universe's intelligence expressing through us

September - Deep Green


The inner flame that burns brightly for all to see

October - Orange
Back of the Head

The ability to let go

November - Russet
Abdominal Region

The ability to energize & animate

December - Red
Reproductive Organs

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