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About unity El Paso

The Unity Movement has been around for over 120 years to teach practical Christianity, based in principles such as prayer, self-discovery of spiritual truths, the presence of one all-powerful God, and the perceiving power of the mind. The real backbone of Unity is prayer, and the principles are based in prayer.


We are a "new-thought" church, one where age-old principles are upheld with new perspectives. It's about positive speaking, positive Christianity, and a new way of life.

Stained Glass Unity El Paso
Our Ministers

English Minister

Leiris Morillo

Spanish Minister

Our Board
Manuel Limón

Position: President

Unity El Paso is a loving, accepting, Spirit led community and I am honored to serve as Board President. 

Nancy Gold

Position: Secretary

William "Butch" Miles

Board Trustee

Sue DiCara

Position: Vice President

I had felt stymied at a mainline church, which is why I made the switch to Unity. 

Juana Perez

Position: Treasurer

Love is all there is, whatever your questions, love is the answer.

Rita Morales

Board Trustee

Unity is what brought me back to God.

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